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Notary Public Services for Individuals

Individuals who work, live abroad or endeavour to do so will have to liaise with foreign authorities on a regular basis in order to authorise their move. Obtaining legal permission to relocate and build a new life elsewhere can be complicated and technical, but Robin’s Notary services will simplify the process and give you peace of mind. 

Robin can prepare and authenticate documents for legitimate use in foreign countries, eliminating the need for you to travel abroad with copious amounts of paperwork. Once a document has been Notarised, it may have to be legalised and confirmed as genuine again in accordance with that country’s unique legalisation requirements. Robin is qualified to assist with most individual Notary demands and can add more services depending on the particular matter.

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What the Notary Service Includes

Robin’s Notary services for businesses in Manchester and Staffordshire include but are not limited to:

  • Powers of attorney to deal with foreign property

  • Bank documents

  • Certified copy passports and other documents

  • Certification of academic documents

  • Applications for registration of medical qualifications

  • Lost passports and other documents

  • Certified translations of documents 

  • Applications for consent to marry

  • Overseas adoptions

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