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Terms of Business

My Fees

My present hourly rate of £300 per hour. My standard minimum fee is £99 (£90 for returning customers seen during the last three years). I reserve the right to vary the rate in matters of particular urgency or if it necessitates a visit or appointment out of office and / or usual business hours.

Fixed Fees

In straightforward matters, we will normally agree a fee before I undertake any action on your behalf. If on the appointment substantially more work is required than originally anticipated, then I reserve the right to vary the fee from any initial quotation made on the telephone.


I am registered for VAT.


You are responsible for all disbursement payments. These will include fees paid to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for legalisation and/or a relevant foreign Embassy. It may also be necessary for a couriers fee to be incurred: this will always be agreed prior to my incurring any expenses on your behalf.


This is normally made at the meeting at which the document is signed.

Seeking Foreign Legal Advice

I am not qualified to advise in areas of foreign law: this is the responsibility of your foreign advisor. My role is to ensure that you understand the apparent legal effect of the document which you are signing, to verify your identity and your authority to sign the document. If I am of the opinion that you do not understand the legal effect of the document, then I will not agree to Notarise it.

Time Charge

Dependent on the work which I undertake for you, we may agree that instead of agreeing a fixed fee, I will submit a bill to you at the end of the matter at the hourly rate referred to above. This will normally include the drafting of relevant documentation, communications with both yourself and your foreign legal advisors and any additional correspondence / research which may be required.

My Responsibility

I will not agree to Notarise a document unless I believe that you are entering into it of your own free will, and understand the legal effect of the document which you will be signing in my presence. In some instances, it may be necessary for a translation of the document to be arranged before I agree to Notarise it: this is both for your protection, and in order to ensure that the document itself cannot be set aside on any basis.


Many countries require the addition of a document known as an Apostille, by either the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or the relevant foreign Embassy: this is additional confirmation once you have seen me and I have sealed the document that I am a genuine and licensed Notary Public. You should be aware that if an Apostille and/or additional legalisation is required, if you do not have the document legalised it is most unlikely to be of legal effect in the foreign country to which you send it.

Register and Protocol

Once the document has been Notarised, I will keep a full record in my register of the Notarised document. I will also keep a copy of your proof of identity.

My Liability

I carry professional indemnity liability insurance of up to £1 million pounds with HCC International.

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